How it works

How it works


You choose the range of services you wish to offer, you will then be given access to the appropriate online training modules. For vaccination services, a face-to-face training session is arranged at your convenience. You will be able to offer the service on the same day you successfully complete training.

You don’t need your own website however if you have one, we can link the service to it. When you register we will add your details to our Pharmacy Finder website, enabling patients searching online to find you easily.

Patients are able to access the range of services in pharmacy or from home or work, if accessing remotely, the pharmacy phone number is displayed and the patient is asked to make an appointment.

Patients create an account and are taken through robust medical screening which confirms compliance with all PGD criteria.

You are then able to dispense the Prescription Only Medicine or administer the vaccination without a prescription.


The Medescribe service enables you to access a wide range of Prescription Only Medicines and travel and flu vaccinations without having to visit your GP.

You have the confidence and convenience offered by your local pharmacy.

Make an appointment or simply drop in, it’s your choice. Typically from dropping in, to walking away with your medication takes less than 10 minutes, 5 minutes if you access online medical screening from home or work.

This service is normally free, you only pay for the medication or vaccination however pricing is determined by your pharmacist and not Medical Prescription Services Ltd.