About MPS

Medical Prescription Services Ltd (MPS) is a RQIA registered independent medical agency. Using our online medical screening process (Medescribe), we have successfully screened and prescribed medications for over 35,000 patients.

We offer our pharmacy partners a trusted online Patient Group Direction (ePGD) service and the support to promote the service to local communities.

Service benefits:

  • Robust electronic screening ensures patients are screened in full compliance with PGD criteria

  • Additional safeguards give pharmacists the confidence to offer a far wider range of services than has historically been the case. Currently over 30 services are available

  • Enables patients to safely and conveniently gain access to medication and vaccinations without having to visit their GP

  • Generates additional business for participating pharmacies

  • No need to store paper patient records as all records are securely stored electronically

  • Highly time and cost effective

  • Ensures the highest level of governance

Our medical team consists entirely of experienced, UK registered healthcare professionals. Our first priority is patient safety.

We offer a comprehensive range of PGD services including;

Travel medicines, Travel vaccinations, including Yellow Fever & Rabies, Erectile dysfunction, Hair loss, Winter flu vaccinations, Anti-viral medication and many others. A number of generic PGDs are also available.